Seeking a senior technology position where my diversified background can be put to good use. Areas that both interest me and I have experience in are:

  • .Net development
  • Web development
  • Embedded real-time systems
  • Automation and integration of complex systems


My resume reflects the challenges and difficulty of the tasks I have pursued over my career. I have a solid professional track record that spans many decades as a Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, Software QA, Project Lead and personnel Manager. Projects I have developed software include the following:

  • Developing validation software for Intel Data Center Server functionality i.e. processors, chipsets, BIOS, networking.
  • Various real-time embedded systems utilizing JTAG debuggers and HW/SW test tools.
  • VB.Net and MS SQL Server desktop applications using ADO.NET and incorperated Microsoft Interop COM for automation MS Office applications.
  • Developed ASP.Net Ajax enabled web sites (Web Forms/MVC 5) in C#, SEO optimized, CDN based web sites

Over my career, I have worked in harmony with HW/SW engineers, management, contractors and third party tool representatives. Development and/or target environments were embedded Linux, real-time OS’s, Windows and various vendor distributions of UNIX/Linux.

Navy Background

I served 4 years in the U.S. Navy followed by 20 years in the Navy Reserves. For 24 years I was involved with P-3 aviation anti-submarine warfare operations that included Flight Ops and ASW Operation Centers located in the Pacific, Artic, Indian and Atlantic oceans.

I've done some pretty extensive searching on the web and I'm mystified why there ARE NOT more P-3 related photos. If anyone has some photos (1970's) of NAS Moffett Field and/or WestPac deployment sites they would like me to consider posting, please send me email using the contact page on this site.