NAS Moffett Field 1988 P-3 Demo

P-2 Neptune - Before P-3 Orion

The Lockheed P-3 Orion

Navy P-3 Orion Tribute

P-3C Orion, The Flying Destroyer

The Mighty P-3 Orion

Guardian of the Seas


Japan P-3 Airshow

Japan P-3 Torpedo Drop

P-3 Orion Desert to Delivery

Moffett Field - Sole Survivor

2002 NAS Oceana Airshow

Norwegian P-3 Orion

Inside P-3 Orion

AW Tribute

VP-9 Ditch - Matt's Final Call

VP-9 Ditch #1 - Oct 26, 1978

VP-9 Ditch #2 - Oct 26, 1978

VP-9 Ditch #3 - Oct 26, 1978

VP-9 Ditch #4 Oct 26, 1978

Lockead P-3 Orion 50th Anniversity

P-3C Touch and Go

Boeing Navy P-8

P-8 Confrontation with China

Why Russia and China Fear the P-8

US EP-3 China-F8 collision

Chinese Confront U.S. Spy Plane

EP-3 Hainan Island Incident

VP-5 Mad Foxes P-8A Poseidon

P-3 Orion Search and Rescue

After the P-3 - P-8 Poseidon

Transition P-3 to P-8

America's P-8 Poseidon Sub Killer

VP-69 PDX Departure

P-3 - San Martin, Antartica

2 Chinese jets intercept P-3

VP-1 Crash in Kauai, HI

Kawasaki P-1, Japan's MPA

Over Ice - NASA's Operation IceBride

Signal Underwater Sound (SUS)

German P-3 Low Flyby

Kursk K-141 Submarine Disaster

Anti Submarine Warfare Operations Center

Cold War Submarines

P-3 Inside a Cat 5 Hurricane, down to 200 ft.

The Future of Anti-Submarine Warfare

Alarmed by Russian Submarine Build-Up

Cold War Secrets Under The Ocean

P-3C Orion - Takeoff with Engine Sound

Japan's Kawasaki P-1

P-3C - Demo of 161331

Very Old Passive Sonar

VP-9 Memorial - James Brooner was a fellow AW who arrived in VP-9 shortly before I got off active duty. VP-9 had received new P-3C Update I aircraft from Lockheed approximately 2 1/2 years prior to the ditch.

"We are Ditching! Ditching! Ditching!"

October 26, 1978

"Andrew Jampoler talked about his book Adak: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot 586, in which he chronicles the crash of a crew on a mission flying over Russia in 1978. In October of 1978 a P-3C Orion military plane caught fire and the crew was forced to ditch the aircraft in the ocean off the coast of Russia. Mr. Jampoler talked about the mission and the rescue of the crew members".

Adak: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot 586